Олеся Журавкина, меццо–сопрано

Laureate of International Competitions
Olesya Zhuravkina

Graduated from Novosibirsk Music College named after A.F. Murov (piano and vocal department).

In 2005 graduated from the State classic academy named after Maimonid (Moscow), speciality “academic vocal”.

Took part at the workshops by Michael Chance (countertenor), Deborah York (soprano), Helena Wittmann (mezzo-soprano), Matthias Rexroth (countertenor), Markus Wyler (the basis of correct singing in German language).

After studying in Moscow she worked as a soloist under the contract in the theater "Arbat-Opera", the theater "Early Music", Moscow Philharmonic Society. Performed in the Lutheran cathedrals, the Museum of Musical Culture named after M.I. Glinka, the State Central Theater Museum named after A.A. Bakhrushin.

Since 2008 to the present time she is a soloist of the Novosibirsk State Philharmonic Society, where she performs in solo chamber concerts with pianists Dina Novikova, Elena Popovskaya, Dmitry Karpov, Gennady Pystin, Timofei Kazantsev. Cooperates with Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra, Concert Brass-Band, Orchestra of Russian folk instruments, Ensemble of Early Music "Insula Magica", Ensemble of Soloists "Novosibirsk Camerata", Jazz Orchestra "Siberian Dixieland", Variety Orchestra, Duet "Resonance" and other groups. She performed a lot of sold-out programs with organist the Natalia Kolker: "Ave Maria", "Midsummer Night's Dream", "Birds of Paradise", "Christmas organ", "Favorite", "Bach - Handel", "Magic organ sounds" and others. Together with Anna Nedospasova (harpsichord) she prepared a concert "Music of the Italian Baroque".

Participates at the opera and oratorio performances. Among them:

- А. Grechaninov. «Dobrynya Nikitich» (Nastya, conductor V. Gusev, 2010);

- S. Kortes. «Bear» (Popova, conductor А. Anisimova, 2011);

- G.F. Handel. Oratorio “Messiah” (alto solo, conductor F. Mastrangelo, 2012);

- G. Rossini. «Arias from operas» (conductor E. Akhmedov, 2014);

- I.S. Bach. «Passions on Mark» (alto solo, conductor J. Boisen, the Netherlands, 2015);

- W.А. Mozart. «Noce de Figaro» (Marcelina, leader, pianist Е. Popovskaya, 2016);

- G.F. Handel. Extracts from the oratorio “Messiah” (conductor G. Rost, Austria, 2017);

- К. Jenkins. Oratorio «Stabat Mater» (contralto solo, conductor I. Tjuvaev, 2017);

- G. Pergolesi. Cantata «Stabat Mater» (alto, together with Novat-quartet, Ya. Mamonova, (soprano), N. Baginskaya (organ), 2017).

- Laureate of the IV International competition «Modern art and education» (Moscow, 2009, III prize);

- Laureate of the IV International competition named after F. Chopin (St. Petersburg), 2010, III prize);

- Diploma winner of the III Independent international competitions of opera performers (Moscow, 2011);

- Laureate of the International contest-festival «Siberia lights the stars» (Novosibirsk, 2011, I prize);

- Diploma winner of the V International competition of Rakhmaninov music (St. Petersburg, 2012).

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