The Early Music Ensemble «Insula Magica»

Artistic director
Arcady Burkanov, Honoured artist of The Russian Federation

Natalia Avdeeva


The Ensemble was originally founded in 1981 by the students of Novosibirsk Conservatory fascinated by the idea of recreating the way early music was actually performed. The group received the status of a professional one in 1991. The repertoire is based on society and sacred music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, the Old Russian singing, chants of the epoch of Peter the Great and Russian songs of the XVIII century.

Rich collection of exact copies of early instruments, historical costumes, and unique musical materials is made up by the musicians of the group. Ensemble “Insula Magica” is a live museum of early art. In close collaboration with a raw of professors of Western Europe the artists master technique of playing the authentic instruments, reviving sequentially styles of early vocal. Many artists of the ensemble have undergone trainings in Italy, England, Sweden, where their mastered their skill under the largest specialists in the field of early music.

Laureate of international contests Ensemble “Insula Magica” has performed at many prestigious festivals in Russia, Germany, Austria, France, England, Denmark, Taiwan, Japan, Malta, and Sweden.

Every performance of “Insula Magica” represents a musical stage composition suitable for the widest audience.

Elena Kondratova, soprano
Alexey Bazhenov, tenor
Anna Nedospassova, harpsichord, clavichord, organ, block flutes
Arcady Burkhanov, lutes, teorba, guitars, early wind instruments
Yulia Gaikolova, baroque violin
Sergey Adamenko, lutes, guitars
Ivan Tkachenko, baritone

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