Русский академический оркестр

Artistic director and principal conductor 
Vladimir Gusev, People’s Artist of Russia

Rustam Dilmoukhametov, Laureate of the all-Russian concourse

Elena Marchenko


The oldest musical ensemble of Novosibirsk was founded in 1927 at the first Siberian Broadcasting Company. The organizer of the orchestra is Vasily Girman. Since 1976, the team is led by Vladimir Gusev.

All instruments of Russian national orchestra traditionally formed in the end of XIX century are presented in the orchestra. The orchestra has its own performing style that is characterized by rigor, restraint and nobility of tone, warmth and melodiousness of sound, individual brightness of solo instruments. The ensemble is one of 4 folk orchestras in the country with the honorary title of «academic».

For years the orchestra worked on the radio, mainly in the studio, recording music to replenish the audio library of the radio committee. The orchestra made a huge amount of records, which are still airing.

In 2005 the orchestra was transferred to Novosibirsk Philharmonic society and developed an active concert schedule. The ensemble participates in numerous festivals: regional, national and international. Well-known soloists-instrumentalists, vocalists, choirs ensembles cooperate with the orchestra. The repertoire exceeds 4 000 compositions: folk music, domestic and foreign classics, original works. More than 200 works are written specially for Russian Academic Orchestra by contemporary composers.

Famous conductors worked with the orchestra: People's Artist of the USSR V. Fedoseev, People's Artist of Russia A. Hauk, People's Artist of the USSR A. Khachaturian, People's Artist of Russia, Kazakhstan and Tatarstan F. Mansurov, People's Artists of Russia V. Nekrasov and V. Popov, Honored Artist of Russia E. Makovsky and N. Kornienko. Soloists: I. Kobzon, Z. Sotkilava, V. Matorin, T. Petrova, A. Zakharov, M. Drobinsky, A. Gorbachev, V. Ovsyannikov, E. Polikanin, A. Litvinenko, S. Zykov, T. Vorozhtsova, T. Zorina, O. Videman, Sh. Zonduev, N. Loskutkin and other famous artists.

Upcoming concerts collective

12+ 14 April, 19:00 Rovshan Mamedkuliev, guitar (Moscow) Season ticket №20 Rovshan Mamedkuliev, guitar (Moscow)
E. Vila-Lobos. Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra
J. Rodrigo. Concert for guitar and orchestra "Aranjuez"
Novosibirsk Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments Gulmira Kupreeva, lecturer-art critic
Philharmonic Chamber hall 300 – 600 р. Buy ticket
6+ 17 April, 15:00 Aksakov. "The Scarlet Flower" Season ticket №23 Fairy tale with orchestra
Anna Varaksina, soprano
Anastasia Semyonova, artistic word (actress of Novosibirsk Drama Theater "On the Left Bank")

Novosibirsk Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments Arnold Kats State Concert Hall 400 – 500 р. Buy ticket
6+ 25 April, 15:00 Young talents of Siberia

Soloists - students of Novosibirsk Music College named after A.F. Murov, Novosibirsk Special School of Music, children's music schools and art schools

Novosibirsk Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments Conductor Vladimir Gusev,
Conductor Rustam Dilmoukhametov
Philharmonic Chamber hall 200 р. Buy ticket


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