Vadim Repin first time performed with an organ at the Trans-Siberian Art Festival

22 march 2017, 12:31
On March 21st in the program of Trans-Siberian Art Festival Vadim Repin, artistic director of the forum, played for the first time a violin accompanied by an organ. In his performance and in the performance of Alexander Knyazev Chaconne by Vitali sounded. The rest of the concert program was dedicated to Bach's organ music, the concert was held on the birthday of the great German composer. The opening speech to the program was delivered by Julian Makarov, the host of the program "The Main Role" on the "Russia C" TV channel.

On March 21st in the Chamber Hall of Philharmonic, Alexander Knyazev, a unique musician who achieved world recognition both as a cellist and as an organist, presented a mono-program of Johann Sebastian Bach's works. In the program of the Fourth Trans-Siberian Art Festival for the first time he performs in both roles.

The musician performed fragments from the German organ mass and Prelude and Fugue in C major BWV 547 by Johann Sebastian Bach. At the end of the concert together with Vadim Repin Alexander Knyazev performed Chaconne by Vitali.

The Chamber Hall of the Philharmonic was crowded, the listeners sat even on the stage. At the end of the program the hall applauded standing.

"This concert is not only the program of the Trans-Siberian Art festival, but at the same time it is the fourth concert of my organ subscription, taking place in Novosibirsk. I have already played three programs here: “The Art of the Fugue”, “Goldberg Variations”, “The Little Organ Booklet”, and now is one of Bach's greatest works - Organ Mass. I had a desire to play in Novosibirsk the most interesting, elitist, difficult and seldom-sounding works of Bach".

Alexander Knyazev said that he was very glad that Vadim Repin accepted the offer to play the virtuoso Chaconne by Vitali, accompanied by the organ. "I'm happy to play with this greatest violinist. As far as I know, Vadim played with the organ for the first time. We played a lot together, but before that I always played the cello. So for me this concert also became a debut".

The concert was held on the birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach by the Julian calendar. During the time of Bach, the Julian calendar was gradually superseded by the Gregorian calendar, which at the time of adoption "moved" the current date by 10 days, which subsequently moved the composer's birthday to March 31. It is interesting that in the program of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival 21st and 31st of March are dedicated to the performance of Bach's music. On March 31st "Passion for John" will sound in Novosibirsk in the performance of an international team of singers and philharmonic collectives under the direction of the conductor Ilia Korol.  

In the framework of the Fourth Trans-Siberian Art Festival, Alexander Knyazev will perform at the main stage of the forum at Arnold Kats State Concert Hall on March 23rd in the chamber music program. Also he will be heard at the regional festival venues - in Berdsk on March 22nd and in Ordynskoye on March 24th.

Trans-Siberian Art Festival was opened in Novosibirsk on 15th of March and will last to 3rd of April. Tickets for most of the concerts are sold out. The program of the festival and ticket online purchase is available on Philharmonic official website.

The Festival is supported by: official sponsor of Trans-Siberian Art Festival Joint Stock Company "Russian Railways" (JSCo "RZD"), Sponsor of Trans-Siberian Art Festival SIBUR Holding, general partner of Philharmonic – VTB24 and partner of the Philharmonic Public Company Moscow Exchange. 

Photoreport of Alexander Ivanov

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