The bright premieres of the ensemble "Markell’s Voices"

14 january 2019, 02:00
Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of Novosibirsk cultural life in January was the premiere of a concert program dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the famous Woodstock festival. The creative union of the choir ensemble “Markell’s Voices”, the band “Street Fiddlers” and the soloists Yevgeny Kargapolov (guitar) and Dmitry Beloglazov (vocal) made it possible to create a unique cultural project, where the high professional level was combined with the original creative concept.
An atmospheric design, every detail of which complements the musical component, was created on the stage of Arnold Kats State Concert Hall as a part of the project. Video content, scenery, costumes - everything was thought out to the smallest details and in combination with the great entertainer from Vlad Borovkov heightened the impression of performing famous rock bands classical compositions. The audience stood up in ovation!
The choir ensemble “Markell’s Voices” prepares for its fans and all art lovers a lot of interesting and diverse concert programs. Thus the next season will present a musical project “Great Russian Poets and Music”. Artists of the ensemble under the direction of its artistic director Igor Tyuvaev will present four concert performances dedicated to the work and fate of Alexander Vertinsky, Sergey Yesenin, Daniil Kharms and Vladimir Mayakovsky. A unique program format combines elements of a concert and a play. Actors from the “Old House” Theater, Sergey Afanasyev Theater and others will take part in the project.
Very soon - on March 7 - one of the ensemble’s successful concerts, part of the theater project, will be shown. “Your acquaintance, Sergey Yesenin” will present an unexpected perspective of the great poet’s fate, deeply and subtly represented by the artists.

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