Season tickets for concerts at the State Concert Hall named after Arnold Kats are on sale

24 may 2013, 12:00
In September the first performances of philharmonic bands will take place on the stage of the concert hall named after Arnold Kats. Already now you could get a seat in the hall for these performances as well as for the whole season. Season tickets for concerts at the new Philharmonic Hall are on sale.

At the moment three (from four) season tickets for the concerts at the State Concerts Hall named after A.M.Kats are on sale: season ticket №1a of Novosibirsk philharmonic orchestra (6 concerts), season ticket №11 “Jazz” of Vladimir Tolkachev Big Band and Jazz-orchestra “Siberian Dixieland” (5 concerts), and season ticket №20а of Orchestra of Russian folk instruments (4 concerts for children).

The most popular season ticket №1 of Novosibirsk philharmonic orchestra (12 concerts) will be on sale on 21 June. By the tradition introduced by Arnold Kats the exchange of the season tickets of the last season to the season tickets of the new one will be realized before the start of the free sale. The exchange will take place in the ticket office of the chamber hall from 10 to 20 June.

Concerts of the season tickets №№1, 1а and 11 are duplicated on the stage of the Palace of Science of Academgorodok.

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