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Festival of Russian music «Pokrov Autumn» (14–28 October) propagandizes the best pages of Russian music culture. This year it is devoted to the 85th anniversary of Georgy Sviridov's birthday — whose works were performed in the majority of programs.

The Novosibirsk Chamber Choir, conducted by Alexander Roslyakov performed three times «Johann Passions» by Bach. If remember that couple years ago the choir performed also monumental «Mathew Passions» one can speak about a great tradition of Easter Bach presents.

The new century Eve, on 29 December 2000, the choir realized the grandiose project – «Christmas Musical Babylon – 2000», united famous ensembles of Novosibirsk: Vladimir Tolkachev Big Band, Philharmonic chamber orchestra, Igor Dmiiriev jazz-trio, N.Soboleva school-studio «Fusion». One of the most popular chef-d'oeuvres of the millennium — oratorio «Messiah» by Handel became an artistic base of the program.

If it can be a choir better that this? This question, seems hyperbolic, the listeners after the concert in Vuppertal at the St.Immanuil cathedral asked themselves.

The perfection of performing affects much! How the singers can unite their wonderful voices to one vocal instrument.

At the second part the choir demonstrated real people’s art. «Choir theatre» was presented — creation of the artistic director I.Yudin. It was the range of musical portraits, not only sung, but brilliantly, cheerfully peformed, that was much enjoyed by spectators and made them join the action…

The main aim of the Chamber Choir of the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Society and its director I.Yudin is to change the usual tastes of listeners while performing best Russian and foreign classic compositions.

Alexander Pushkin means for Russian people the same that Goethe means for the German people. And this year — is the year of the 200th Anniversary of the birthday of the greatest poet of Russia, the year of Jubilee, celebrated all over the country. <…> The Chamber choir from Novosibirsk devoted the first part of the concert to this great event.

The symphonic orchestra of the Omsk philharmonia and the academic choir from Novosibirsk offered the program from Beethoven's compositions (Symphony N9) under the direction of Armando Krieger.

United, with huge technical possibilities, gifted to intonate very softly and «con tutta forza» the choir sounded great (Requiem by d.Verdi). Public was in admiration.

Big Choir Assembly, held in days of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow celebration, will surely enter the history and your active participation helped much the main success.
President, Artistic director of the State Concert Philharmonic «Rusconcert» A.T. Guibanov
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