11 february
Novosibirsk Philharmonic received official congratulations from the management of the newspaper "Musical Review". At the end of 2018 the Fifth Trans-Siberian Art Festival held in Novosibirsk and the cities of Novosibirsk region from March 9 to April 2, 2018, was named “Festival of the Year” in the rating of the Musical Review newspaper “Events and Persons” and awarded the “MR” Prize. Director of the festival Oleg Bely and artistic director of the festival Vadim Repin are named “Persons of the Year”.
8 february

The sixth Trans-Siberian Art Festival, headed by Vadim Repin, will be opened on March 21, 2019 in the Arnold Kats State Concert Hall in Novosibirsk. The events of the Russian part of the forum will be held from March 21 to April 22 in Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Samara, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tyumen and Tobolsk, as well as in cities of Novosibirsk region and the Krasnoyarsk Region. The overseas part of the route will be held in the USA, Japan, South Korea, Austria and France from June to December 2019.

6 february
By tradition Novosibirsk Philharmonic gives presents on its Birthday party! And this is not only a festive concert program with the participation of Philharmonic’s concert groups and soloists. This evening the Golden Key Award, which celebrates the special achievements of the laureates in the field of culture and art, is presented in a solemn ceremony. This year it was decided not to disclose the names of the laureates in advance. They will become known to the general public on the day of Philharmonic's Birthday, on the evening of February 7.
5 february
On February 4 a seminar on art management was held in the Musical Saloon of the Philharmonic Chamber Hall for Novosibirsk high school students who take part in the Trans-Siberian TONALi-Tour in 2019. The event was attended by schoolchildren from the Educational Center "Gornostay", gymnasium № 11 "Harmony" and school № 90.
1 february

On February 4 a seminar for young art managers opens the work of the cultural and educational project TONALi-Tour timed to the VI Trans-Siberian Art Festival.

Trans-Siberian TONALi Tour was organized jointly with the German national competition TONALi. The project is designed for high school students from regular schools and provides students with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves into the backstage world of a classical concert, its organization and conducting. TONALi Tour erases the boundaries of communication between the artist and the public, helping to overcome prejudice to the world of classical music, which is very important for a young audience.
29 january
On February 6 our city is expecting one of the brightest cultural events of the beginning of the year. Jazz diva from America Tessa Souter and the famous Daniel Kramer Trio will appear on the main stage of Novosibirsk Philharmonic.
24 january

This day 12 years ago the celebrated conductor Arnold Kats passed away. He was a founder of Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra, Ensemble of soloists Novosibirsk Kamerata and Concert Brass Band. The significance of his activities for the Novosibirsk culture in particular and the world musical culture in general is difficult to overestimate.

18 january
Novosibirsk Philharmonic often presents to listeners concert programs with the participation of the world-famous performers. Musicians, who have conquered Europe, America and Asia, performs at concert venues of Philharmonic solo and together with public’s favorite collectives such as Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra, Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Novosibirsk Kamerata, Siberian Dixieland and others.


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