In Novosibirsk the Russian premiere of Krzysztof Penderecki composition, devoted to memory of victims of 11 September

28 october 2010, 01:00
On 26 October in Novosibirsk the Russian premiere of the Concert for piano with orchestra by Krzysztof Penderecki took place. The composition was performed by Novosibirsk academic symphony orchestra under the direction of the author, Alexander Guindin was the soloist.

Maestro Penderecki told that in 2001 he was occupied by composing of Capriccio for piano with orchestra. «At this time there an act of terrorism in New York took place. It shocked me very much. And I decided that at that moment there was not a moment for Capriccio, so I changed the concept of composition».

World premiere of this concert took place in 2002 in New York with Philadelphia symphony orchestra (American pianist Emmanuel Aks was the soloist).

Pianist, laureate of many International competitions Alexander Guindin noted that Russian premiere of the concert took place in Novosibirsk because the city is known for its musical traditions: «Your city is famous all over the country due to your orchestra. The name of its founder Arnold Kats is close and dear to many soloists and conductors. I also perfectly know your audience; I know how attentively it listens and appreciates new music».

Also Novosibirsk academic symphony orchestra performed Mendelssohn’s «Italian» symphony and Concert for alto with orchestra by Penderecki in arrangement for cello (soloist Sergey Suvorov). The concert was carried out in the frame of the charitable program of MDM Bank «World of marvelous melodies». Phono: V. Dmitriev

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