Filarmonica-quartet is going on tour to Germany and France.

2 august 2012, 12:00
From 15 to 22 August the musicians will perform two concerts in Germany (Kassel) and three concerts in France (Tugeut).
Filarmonica-quartet offers to German listeners the following program: W.А. Mozart — Quartet (Dissonance), А. Dvorak — Terzetto for 2 violins and viola, C major, op. 74, S. Kravtsov — «French suites».
The pianist Ivan Urvalov will join Filarmonica-quartet in France, and the tour repertoire increased with one more program including two piano quartets: W.А. Mozart (F major, К. 138) and R. Schumann (E flat major, op.  47). The concerts will take place in the frames of the festival Piano Folies du Tugeut Paris-Plage.