Владимир Калужский

Honoured worker of arts of the Russian Federation Graduate of Byelorussian state conservatory (1961) Vladimir Kaluzhsky continued his education as a postgraduate in Novosibirsk State conservatory to the name of M.Glinka.

Since 1963 he has been working at Novosibirsk conservatory as a professor, associate professor, head of the music history department, professor of musical enlightenment and education department. He is an acknowledged specialist in the sphere of theory and history of music, musical and theatrical critics, jazz, modern music, and masterly performance. An author of more than two dozens of scientific works. Member of International society of musical education (ISME). Member of expert council of All-Russian award «Golden mask».

Vladimir Kaluzhsky range of activity is incredibly wide: critic, librettist, scenario writer, public figure, editor of collections of scientific articles, author of monographs, television and radio transmissions, concerts host. Being a member of Composers’ Union of Russia, member of Theatre workers’ union of Russia, Kaluzhsky was not once chosen into the direction of artistic organizations, congress delegate of Composers’ Union of Russia. Starting from 2005, he has been teaching at Novosibirsk state drama institute. Along with pedagogical activity in higher educational establishments, he was occupied in children music education. He hosted cycles of children and youth concerts in Novosibirsk and Moscow. Laureate of All-Russian contest for the best technology in the education sphere (1991). Vladimir Kaluzhsky is a creator and artistic director of Novosibirsk children’s theatre “Music world”. This unique theatre had more than a dozen of opera premiers specially created by Novosibirsk composers for the «Music world» on a professional stage. Kaluzhsky acted here in a role of teacher, production director, conductor and actor. Activity of children’s theatre «Music world» was three times awarded by a Big golden medal «Siberian Fair». Since 1995 he has been an artistic director of Novosibirsk philharmonic. Along with his main activity Kaluzhsky acts like a director of operas by H. Purcell, G. Handel, is a creator and artistic director of “Children-youth philharmonic”, author and host of numerous of programs, philharmonic season tickets. One of such his projects

— “Youth music portal ” became a winner in All-Russian program «100 best Russian products and services».
— Art history candidate (1985)
— Was included into 500 influential leaders for the recent quarter of a century by American Biographical Institute (1993)
— Honoured worker of arts of Russia (1997)
— Winner of All-Russian contest to the best audio record review (1998)
— Holder of Novosibirsk city hall award «Person of the year» (1999)
— Winner of Interregional contest «Business People»(2006)

Upcoming concerts with the participation of

12+ 2 October, 18:00 Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra Абонемент №2 (2022–23)

Prokofiev. Symphony No. 1

Beethoven. Symphony No. 9

Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra Novosibirsk Choir Chapel Irina Novikova, soprano (NOVAT)
Yulia Mennibaeva, mezzo-soprano (Moscow)
Igor Morozov, tenor (Moscow)
Alexey Kulagin, bass (Moscow)
Conductor – Sergey Oselkov (Ryazan)
Vladimir Kaluzhsky
Arnold Kats State Concert Hall от 600 р. Buy ticket
12+ 4 October, 19:00 ROUTES OF GREAT MUSICIANS Chamber Evenings: poetry of strings


Concert-lecture with thematic visualization

Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Mozart

Vladimir Nikulin, accordion
Vladimir Kaluzhsky
Round stage of the Arnold Kats State Concert Hall 300 р. Buy ticket
12+ 27 November, 16:00 Rodion Shchedrin (1932) Абонемент №16 (2022–23)

To the 90th anniversary of the composer

Carmen Suite

Compositions for choir on poems by Pushkin, Voznesensky, Mayakovsky, Tvardovsky

Small cantata from the opera "Not Only Love"

Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra Novosibirsk Choir Chapel Conductor - Rustam Dilmukhametov
Conductors – Igor Yudin, Marina Mamaeva, Alexander Roslyakov, Evgeny Melnikov
Vladimir Kaluzhsky
Philharmonic Chamber hall 300 – 600 р. Buy ticket


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