«Waltzes of the World»

Алексей Игудесман
Манахо Шимокава
22 April, 18:30

Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra

Novosibirsk Choir Chapel

Alexey Igudesman, violin (Austria)

Vadim Repin, violin

Manaho Shimokawa, choreography (Japan)

Andrey Kugaevsky, domra

During the festival, Trans-Siberian Art Festival 2018

World premiere of the author’s program by Alexey Igudesman

The unique master of musical trick, violinist, composer and conductor Alexey Igudesman is back to Novosibirsk with the world premiere of his new program. It’s still unknown what “Waltzes of the World” in his interpretation will be like, however it’s, perhaps, the jolliest concert of the whole festival. Manaho Shimokawa’s choreography, Vadim Repin’s violins, Andrei Kugaevsky’s domra, orchestra and choir – you won’t be bored!

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