Young talents of Siberia performed in the Philharmonic Chamber Hall

1 april 2013, 12:00
On 30 March the program «Young Talents of Siberia» took place in the Philharmonic Chamber Hall with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Novosibirsk region held which is traditionally held during the school holidays for over 15 years. Accompanied by the Orchestra of Russian folk instruments the young winners of regional, national and international competitions performed.

Students of Novosibirsk Special Music School (college) demonstrated mastery of the balalaika and domra, gladdened by the vocal trio, and the ten-years-old virtuoso Polina Vozhova played on a xylophone. Novosibirsk guitar school was represented by Nikita Nedelko, student of the College of Music named after A.F. Murov, and the domrist Nikita Karpuhin from the Children's Music School № 3 was one of the youngest participants.

Folk singers represented music schools and socio-cultural associations of Novosibirsk region. Some of them crossed hundreds of kilometers — arrived from the township Krasnozerskoe, village Naberezhnoe of Kargat district. The youngest singer was the five-years-old Sophia Demido from Karasuk.

The concert was terminated by the performance of the choir «Crystal Voices» of Children's music school № 2. All young participants received commemorative gifts.

During the program the Orchestra of Russian folk instruments presented a new children's season ticket № 20A for primary school children. In the upcoming season it will be the first children's season ticket which concerts which will be held in the new state concert hall named after A.M. Kats.

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