The second day of the festival: the theater "Sovremennik" and musical-poetic composition of the ensemble Phosphoros

11 january 2016, 02:33
On 2 December in the frames of the XI International Christmas Festival of Arts the actors of the theater "Sovremennik" presented a play "Five Evenings" by Alexander Volodin and German ensemble Phosphoros performed the musical-poetic composition on the works of Kharms, Khlebnikov and Morgenstern.

Meinrad Kneer (bass, composition), director of the ensemble Phosphorus (Germany): "For me improvisation is an opportunity to be honest here and now. Our music is unusual for the perception, but we are not afraid that we won’t be understood. If the musicians on the stage are frank and sincere and believe in what they do, then the listener will follow us wherever we call them. Especially, the educated audience of Novosibirsk ".

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