Famous French conductor and titled pianist for the first time in the Trans-Siberian Art Festival

2 april 2019, 11:16
On April the 3rd in Arnold Kats State Concert Hall French conductor Yan Pascal Tortelier and prominent Russian pianist Denis Kozhukhin will perform at the Trans-Siberian Art Festival for the first time.

The international career of the artistic director of the Trans-Siberian Art-Festival Vadim Repin began with a victory at one of the most significant European competitions: the Queen Elizabeth Competition in Brussels. In 2010, the victory at the same competition gave a start to the career of pianist Denis Kozhukhin. Today Denis Kozhukhin is one of the leading pianists of his generation, he performs with the largest orchestras of the USA and Europe, such as the Concertgebouw, the London Symphony and the Royal Philharmonic, the Vienna Philharmonic, and many others. For the first performance at the Festival, the pianist chose Brahms's First Piano Concerto, the complexity and diversity of which the researchers compare with the composer's best symphonic canvases.

Jan Pascal Tortelier, a conductor performing with the best orchestras of the world, who led the Ulster, São Paulo, Pittsburgh symphony orchestras over the years, will stand for the conductor's stand of Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra this evening. From 1992 to 2003 Tortelier was the chief conductor of the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, with which he performed annually at the BBC Proms festival, and also conducted a tour of the USA on the 60th anniversary of the collective, after which he was awarded the title of honorary conductor of the orchestra, which he regularly performs with. Today, Yan Tortelier is the chief conductor of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, as well as the principal guest conductor of the Royal Academy of Music orchestra in London.

At the concert on April the 3rd Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Yan Pascal Tortelier will perform the “Poem of Ecstasy” by Alexander Scriabin, as well as Ravel’s Noble and Sentimental Waltzes.

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