3000 students and 20 master classes: today the educational program of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival has completed its work

30 march 2017, 01:20
On 30th of March Vadim Repin's master class completed the educational project of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival "Communicate with the Star Simply." Thanks to the high reputation of artistic director of Trans-Siberian Art Festival Vadim Repin and the professionalism of the TSAF Director Oleg Bely, from March 13th to 30th the Cultural Environment Energia hosted world stars, among them there were pianists Dana Ciocarli (France) and Maria Meerovitch (Belgium), conductor Alexei Shatsky, Trumpeters Sergei Nakaryakov, Otto Sauter (Germany), Andrey Ilkiv (Ukraine), trombonist Elias Faingersh (Sweden), improvisator Arkady Shilkloper, cellists Alexander Knyazev and Pablo Ferrandes (Spain), violinists Vadim Repin, So-Ok Kim (Great Britain), Natalia Prischepenko, Leonard Schreiber (Belgium), Ilya Korol (Austria), vocalists: countertenor Matthias Rexroth (Germany), coach Marcus Wyler (Switzerland).

Participants of the master classes were gifted Siberian musicians from the Conservatory named after Glinka, Novosibirsk special music school, the College of Music named after Murov.

Almost two dozen creative meetings and master classes were held in the Cultural environment Energia. The auditorium allowed to accommodate all comers. Over 2,5 weeks, about 3,000 people visited the Palace of Culture. Lovers of classical music. Teachers and students of more than 50 creative institutions of the city and region (for their convenience HC NEVZ the Union provided buses). The guests of the city, who by knew by chance about this grandiose event and wanted to join the stream of active listeners.

The geography of the project surprised even the organizers. Among the listeners there was a representative of Gnesinka who had specially come from Moscow to a meeting with Alexander Knyazev and teachers from neighboring cities (Tomsk, Barnaul) and near abroad (Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan), who learned from colleagues about a unique opportunity, in the shortest time and absolutely for free to see the best masters of the world at work.

Creative meetings with the stars and autograph sessions were hugely popular. The audience did not let out their idols for hours, surrounded by a dense ring of attention. And to be admitted, this did not cause discontent with the tired guests. They willingly communicated with interested colleagues and outside the event. And, only in detail having answered all questions of suffering, with feeling of deep satisfaction they went to a hotel.

Especially to be noted the zeal with which the participants of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival were involved in pedagogical work. Vadim Repin himself, giving two master classes, showed in his example the significance of the educational project. And colleagues supported him. So, Maria Meerovitch after a successful concert in Arnold Kats State Concert Hall, the next day she wanted to share professional secrets and get involved in an educational mission. And the organizers quickly, literally in a few hours alerted the music community about the meeting, prepared the venue and dignifiedly received a brilliant pianist.

This year, the educational program of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival for the first time reached such a serious scale. The organizer of its work was the Cultural Environment "Energia" and HC "NEVZ-Soyuz".

Photoreport of Alexander Ivanov and Viktor Dmitriev

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