23 june
The collective of Novosibirsk state philharmonic society and the Academic symphony orchestra inform with deep regret that on 19 June on a 62-nd year of his life the soloist of the orchestra, the honored artist of Russia, the gentleman of the Award of Honour Michail V.Kositsyn has died from heavy illness.
22 june
The concert takes place on 8 June, in Schumann's birthday, and will be devoted to the 200 anniversary from the date of Schumann's birth and to the 170 anniversary from the date of Tchaikovsky’s birth.
21 june
The choir ensemble «Маrkell’s voices» became the first Russian choral collective performing in the hall of Berlin philharmonics a capella.
21 june
On 23 and 24 May at the concerts of Chamber choir of the philharmonic society, devoted to the Day of Slavic writing and culture, the presentation of a mobile folding belfry took place. The bell ringer of the Temple of Michael Archangel Alexey Talashkin demonstrated to public possibilities of an instrument and helped all interested persons to try themselves in a role of a bell ringer.
20 june
Soloist of Novosibirsk State philharmonic society Daria Ziatdinova was awarded the Grand-Prix and the title of Laureate. She won at the International contest of performers “Art of the XXI century” (Ukraina. Kiev-Verzel). Our congratulations!
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