Siberian Brass

Artistic director 
Nicolay Sizikov 

Natalia Ryzhkova


The Quintet is organized in 2000 and in 2002 became the regular group of the Novosibirsk State Philharmonic Society. All the musicians of the Siberian Brass-quintet are much experienced working at the Novosibirsk academic symphony orchestra. Each member plays masterly his instrument, able to perform as soloist as well as in ensemble.

Artists of the ensemble address to the original compositions, created specially for the brass quintet, and to the arrangements of classic and popular music, to opera, jazz, romance, Soviet song. Bright individuality, artistry of each musician determined the ensembles interest to the instrumental theatre direction. Dramatize, often even costumed performing make the quintets concerts outstanding, brilliant.

Siberian Brass-quintet cooperates fruitfully with the soloists of the Novosibirsk opera theatre, Chamber Choir. The ensemble is invited by producers to take part in the dramatic theatres plays.

The tour of the Siberian Brass-quintet in Germany (Hamburg) was very successful.

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