“Splendiferous, one of the best in the world, Novosibirsk Philharmonic orchestra that was founded by the great conductor and organizer Arnold Kats”

Zakhar Bron, IX International contest of young violinists, Novosibirsk 2019

“Your orchestra is very good. The traditions introduced by Arnold Mikhailovich Kats, who created it and had headed for 50 years play a great role. It is a very rare case. But the orchestra continues its development without the maestro.
One can never meet such an attitude – believe me, I know very many orchestras.
Neither in Moscow, nor in Saint-Petersburg, nobody shows such an attitude to music, such a desire to understand the conductor, such a desire to go towards one another. Your soloists are wonderful, but the main thing, is that you not simply play, you create Music.
We played Weber’s First symphony – an unpopular composition, unfortunately, unlike Tchaikovsky, for instance. It was the first performance here, at the festival.
And we did it well.
I am grateful to Vadim Repin for the invitation to take part in the festival together with your wonderful orchestra – it turned out so that I never played with you; for the fact that I got acquainted with an amazing pianist – Nicolas Angelich and we performed the Second piano concert by Brahms – a complex and massive composition.
I hope our pleasure from communication was mutual.”

Vladimir Fedoseev, 28 March 2017, IV International Trans- Siberian Art festival, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall

“I’ve known Arnold Mikhailovich Kats since the time when he came for the concerts with the State Orchestra of the Soviet Union, where I was a concertmaster of the cello group and the second conductor. I prepared programs for him and visited all the orchestra concerts in Moscow.
I was at the I festival of the world orchestras where the orchestra, headed by Arnold Mikhailovich absolutely brilliantly performed Tchaikovsky’s Fifth symphony.
The orchestra sounded fantastically – it preserved all the best traditions of the Soviet orchestra school – this is what I miss a lot. It preserved all the traditions, has its continuous history, but at the same time – I saw it at that time – there were many young musicians who put new steam into the orchestra. Nowadays, such orchestras almost do not exist – there are very few of them, maybe in Saint-Petersburg and here. Today, there are even more young musicians and they contribute the sound of the new time, you can feel it in the sound, see in the attitude, their readiness to co-create, make concessions to each other.
Not many orchestras can “handle” such masterpieces as Berlioz, Mahler, Bruckner. And the thing is not only in outstanding soloists. The orchestra is perfectly co-ordinated.
Along with the preservation of the traditions your orchestra is very modern. An orchestra should not be a bronze monument to itself. It’s a live collective which grows and develops. And the week, which I spend with the orchestra, working on the Fantastic symphony of Berlioz, was a week of pleasure from rehearsals, efforts, searches, ways to each other, co-art. It was wonderful. ”

Felix Korobov, 26 February 2017, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall

“ I know three orchestras in Russia with unique, distinctive and special sounding. They are: Tchaikovsky Symphony orchestra – artistic director Vladimir Fedoseev, Saint-Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra – artistic director Yuriy Temirkanov, and Novosibirsk Philharmonic orchestra – artistic director Gintaras Rinkevicius. There are no others.”
Andrey Korobeinikov, 23 February 2016, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall

"I am very pleased to perform on the anniversary 60th season of the orchestra. Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra is an orchestra of a very high class, which is very important for me in terms of the ensemble. Conductor is very important too. It is a great honor to play with Thomas Sanderling. Maestro is a big star, and cooperation with him flatters me very much. It’s a great miracle that you have such a magnificent concert hall! It’s very rare in Russia”.

Sergei Dogadin, 21 October 2015, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall

“I congratulate Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra on its anniversary! This is a wonderful orchestra, brought to colossal level by Arnold Katz. I am happy that in Novosibirsk there is an orchestra of such a level, which may give odds to very many orchestras in the world. I congratulate the collective from the bottom of my heart! "
Vladimir Sverdlov-Ashkenazi, 8 October 2015, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall

"Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra is wonderful! I thought it’s even older than 60 years - so clearly serious musical tradition is heard, planted not only by Arnold Kats, but by other conductors, who came here. Today I played 4th piano concerto by Beethoven - one of the most difficult concertos for accompaniment. Beethoven's music is not given on impulse, and the orchestra played very worthy. This is the merit of that very 60-year-old tradition when some things do not need to be explained - they are in flesh and blood. It was very enjoyable for me to play, and I was very happy with the result."

Nikolay Lugansky, 30 September 2015, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall

“With Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra I perform for many decades, without exaggeration. I performed many times with Arnold Mikhailovich both in Novosibirsk and on tours, abroad, etc. We were great friends and musical associates. The orchestra is associated to me with very dear and precious memories of music performing together with Arnold Kats. That orchestra that he created and maintained throughout his life has always been very good. I played with the orchestra several times already after Maestro’s gone. And today I am once again convinced that the orchestra maintains an excellent form. And a lot of qualities, fortunately, were not lost, but also strengthened and developed even more. I am very pleased to see many young people in the orchestra, the enthusiasm they work and play with - this is very valuable and it always affects the quality of the concerts in a better way. In one word, this orchestra is capable of doing very, very much!"
Dmitry Alekseev, 24 September 2015, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall

"Unfortunately, we had only two days of rehearsals. It is extremely little to do the work of such scale as Mahler's First Symphony. But today, the musicians proved themselves at the highest level, tumbled over themselves, and gave them wholly. I am very satisfied with the orchestra!"

Charles Dutoit, 5 April 2015, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall

"Ravel sounds great on Siberian land! When I played the second part of his G-major concert, I thought about the quiet landscapes, vast snowfields of Siberia... I was impressed by a perfect combination: severe Siberian nature, frosts and great warm audience! It is a very risky venture – to play a concert program with a new orchestra on the day of arrival. But I want to applaud to Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra - they are brave and daring musicians! Ravel Piano Concerto is a very complex work in which practically every instrument plays solo. Thanks to the good preparation of the orchestra, we could do with only one rehearsal. Excellent work, thank you!"

Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Trans-Siberian Art Festival, 31 March 2015, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall

"I performed as a pianist with Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra 10 years ago - and then my impressions were very good, and now they are even better. It is very important to me and I am pleased when the musicians come to me and say what my music means to them, they know my other compositions. When people from the orchestra come up to you - it's the highest compliment. I was very touched. In this orchestra it is absolutely no feeling that the work for musicians is a routine. You don’t meet such an attitude so often."

Lera Auerbach, Trans-Siberian Art Festival, 26 March 2015, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall

"... In the new spacious concert hall named after Arnold Kats, where the opening of the forum took place, they significantly improved the acoustic characteristics, evacuated rows of seats, - here you feel the atmosphere of freedom and flight, everything is heard, everything is visible, especially when there are the things to see - for example, masterful job of Rinkevičius with the entrusted to him orchestra when you immediately feel an incredible contact between the maestro and musicians. You hear clearly each group of instruments even in tutti passages there is no "mush". With that the orchestra plays a "free hand", softly, gently, confidently..."

Yan Smirnitski,, 24 March 2015

"Having a lot of experience with symphony orchestras, I can say only compliments to Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra. The tasks that musicians take and realize, the approach and sincere pleasure that the orchestra gets from playing, show a truly academic level of Novosibirsk orchestra. "

Pavel Lavrenenkov, 19 February 2015, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall 

"I am very happy to be in Novosibirsk. Even if it does not happen as often as we would like, but it's an amazing happiness. It’s a good fortune to see the new Philharmonic Hall. And the instruments sound great in the new hall! I send my warmest wishes and my deep love to Novosibirsk orchestra. I always remember with gratitude how they supported me at the National competition of conductors, I nave only the warmest words in memory of Arnold Mikhailovich Kats. After the first round of the competition I remember his phrase when he left the hall and said: "Where is this guy?! - Referring to me. You will be my assistant! " And I immediately got a hundred enemies among the contestants (laughs). But this is in the past. I say this because I remember every second, every minute, and every my arrival, I am grateful to the orchestra for such a warm cooperation. I heard that one year ago, at the closing of the I Trans-Siberian Art Festival the Orchestra and Vadim Repin played the First Violin Concerto by Shostakovich without a conductor. We must pay tribute to the orchestra - is the top class! It is the most difficult concert, awfully virtuosic, where each musician is required maximum skill and concentration to play in an ensemble and on a higher level. My admiration! I wish all the very best and good luck to the orchestra. With love!”

Alexander Polyanichko, 8 February 2015, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall 

"Play the first concerto by Shostakovich, my most beloved Concerto for violin and orchestra, in one of the main cities of Russia with Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra and in such a stunning hall is a big event for me. I heard the recording when the orchestra played this concert with Vadim Repin at the closing of the Trans-Siberian art festival in 2014. …Play it without conductor is not difficult,…. it is practically impossible. But they did it! It requires tremendous preparation, concentration, and it is great that they achieved such a great result."

Andrey Baranov, 8 February 2015, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall

"Play with the famous Novosibirsk orchestra was a great pleasure, I was waiting for this concert and I'm glad that it took place. Wonderful audience, warm welcome, wonderful hall. Good acoustics helps all musicians of the orchestra. I consider this hall as a great pride. I'd like to come back here again and again. "

Sergey Nakaryakov, 23 January 2015, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall

"I am honored to play with Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra in this hall. Unfortunately, Arnold Kats did not have time to see it... I remember his visits to Leningrad, the “sold outs”, gorgeous concerts, where it was absolutely impossible to get on. Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony performed by Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Arnold Kats was the model. That is why I am happy to come here and to play with the orchestra. "

Maria Meerovitch, 23 January 2015, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall

"Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra is gorgeous! To show in one concert such variety of styles, genres and good quality - it's not within every orchestra’s scope of abilities."

Tao Lin, 21 January 2015, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall

"And our [in Moscow] musical seasons are more diverse. Moreover, in Russian cities great concert halls and orchestras appear; their level can be compared with the capital ensembles - in Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, and Kazan.”

Alexander Knyazev, Arguments and Facts, 3 September 2014

"I have never met this orchestra before, but it showed so much imagination and such a serious approach to the work that the effect from one our rehearsal was like from three or four ones. We have achieved a lot and, having secured mutual trust, just let the music sounded. And this can be very exciting when people share each other's ideas."

Kent Nagano, Ist Transsiberian Art Festival. Interview — Ilya Ovchinnikov, 7 April 2014, «Russian Newspaper»

«Of course, the orchestra was the hero of the evening. Woodwinds and brass and violins headed by the People’s artist of Russia Valery Karchaguin — each group was in place, leading its party exactly and with confidence. From time to time Vadim Repin, as he later called it, conducted the orchestra «with clumsy movements ridiculous for them», but the musicians understood him perfectly, and this thread of interaction invisibly presented from the beginning to the end.
After the second part the melody flew, soared, reaching the depths of consciousness, turned soul inside out, what Shostakovich was a master. From time to time the heart stopped – if they make a mistake, go the wrong way without a conductor … No way! The musicians played on such a degree, in the euphoria that adrenaline seemed to boil over. Managed brilliantly.
Perhaps, this concert will become history not only of the festival and Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra, but of musical life of the world in general.»

Irina Shymchak, «Musical Klondike», 12 April 2014 

«For a number of reasons maestro Valery Gergiev will not be with us today < ... > I decided to play Shostakovich concerto — the first time ever — without a conductor. Exclusively due to the highest artistic and professional level of Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra, I 'm sure that it is possible. No one until today has dared to such kind of musical heroic deed. I am proud that the orchestra is ready to go with me. I believe in each of the artists of this unique team. This performance will be our next world premiere, which completed the first Trans-Siberian Art Festival!»

Vadim Repin, Trans-Siberian Art Festival, 12 April 2014, Arnold Kats State concert hall 

«Great audience, great soloists and beautiful orchestra! And it is fantastic to play music like this. By request of Vadim Repin I made a humorous concert for the Festival. I performed such concerts many times and they are very popular. It is interesting that I did not have any difficulties with Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra. I had experience with the orchestras that initially were overcautious. They told me about this orchestra: «Oh, be careful, this is a conservative orchestra!» But from the very beginning the musicians coughed, laughed, danced, did everything and with great pleasure. I see that the musicians of Novosibirsk Symphony Orchestra are very open».

Alexey Igudesman, I Trans-Siberian Art Festival, 9 April 2014, Arnold Kats State concert hall 

«I want to say that all musicians of Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra are great!!! Wonderful faces, even some of the violinists in tears — so touched by the music. It is very important for me. Musicians always play well when they enjoy. I have been on the stage for 27 years and I know that when they enjoy they are trying hard, and then there is something outstanding. So I hope that we succeeded. I thank them very much!»

Olga Borodina, I Trans-Siberian Art Festival, 7 April 2014, Arnold Kats State concert hall 

«When you stand in front of the unfamiliar team, you never know what to expect. It's not just about a quality, it is about humans: who knows whether there will be a communication between you, whether there will be a chemical reaction? Especially if you're from San Francisco and they are from Novosibirsk. It turned out that the musicians possess rich fantasy as well as seriousness; they can and they are able to search the depth of music. So our one rehearsal was worth three or four.
We never played the entire program. As Vadim said, the easiest for the professional is to pass a piece from beginning to end. Any professional orchestra will succeed. But it is not the most effective way when you need to build relationships with the music. We excluded this step and immediately began to be absorbed deeper. And at the concert, trusting each other, we «let» music free floating.»

Kent Nagano, I Trans-Siberian Art Festival Interview — Yaroslav Timofeev, 2 April, 2014, «Izvestia» 

«In the project of Transsiberian Art Festival I see the continuity — from the past to the present — and the continuation of creative ideas of maestro Kats. I am extremely glad that I was able to infect Vadim Repin with this idea. Vadim began his big carreer ascent in Novosibirsk with our orchestra under the direction of Arnold Kats and when he saw the State Concert Hall named after Maestro he was imbued with consciousness of the necessity of the festival. Already at the first meeting, we agreed that the first festival would be dedicated to the approaching 90th anniversary of Maestro. I don’t want to anticipate events, but knowing Vadim’s plans I'm sure that our project will take a worthy place among the best festivals of the world.»

Director of the orchestra, Honored Art worker of Russia Lev Krokushansky, Trans-Siberian Art Festival, 2014 

«Thank you, the audience and the orchestra, for the great time that I spent here in Novosibirsk. To the audience — see you again! And together with Novosibirsk philharmonic orchestra we go on tour to Spain. And it is very nice – because Europe should listen to such orchestras!»

Ekaterina Mechetina, 22 February 2014, Arnold Kats State concert hall 

«My task is to convince musicians to bring their vision of a musical composition. I do this not by words but by meaningful interpretation of the work, its concept and dramatics. I have such understanding and dialogue with Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra. In Novosibirsk there is a great orchestra, which is known in our country and beyond. And an orchestra is good if a conductor is good. The orchestra had a very good conductor, and is has a good one now. It is very important when a symphony orchestra is heard in all its richness. I am very happy that the orchestra received its own house, a real concert hall.» 

Alexander Lazarev, 31 January 2014, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall 

«One of the whales of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival is Arnold Kats State Concert Hall. Second one is Novosibirsk Philharmonic orchestra that has been renowned for its level, for the name of Arnold Kats whose role is difficult to be overestimated. It was very logical and absolutely right to dedicate the first Festival to the 90th anniversary of Maestro Kats.» 

Vadim Repin, press-conference, 30 January 2014, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall 

«V. Mengelberg was at the head of the orchestra for half a century (1895 – 1945). History knows only a few such examples: R. Kajanus in the capacity of the conductor of Helsinki Philharmonic orchestra (1882 – 1932), E. Ansermet at the head of the Orchestra of Roman Switzerland (1918 – 67), E. Ormandy in the position of the leader of Philadelphia orchestra (1936 – 80), E. Mravinsky as the head of the orchestra of Leningrad Philharmonic (1938 – 88), А. Kats in the position of the chief conductor of Novosibirsk philharmonic orchestra (1956 – 2007).» 

Roman Berchenko, «Music review» 12 (363), 2013

«Each meeting with Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra is very for me. We are friends for many years. Wonderful orchestra!» 

Denis Matsuev, 3 December 2013, Arnold Kats State Concert hall 

«Novosibirsk philharmonic orchestra sounds great – very bright, very volumetrically. I am very happy that Maestro Gintaras Rinkevicius chose for tonight Bruckner symphony <...> I can happily say that Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra was absolutely on top. Bruckner's Ninth Symphony is very complicated, especially for winds, who played very clean and beautifully. The orchestra is at a very high level and in great shape. This, of course, is the merit of its chief conductor.
I am extremely happy that the orchestra has a hall. All these years, the absence of a hall was a tragedy. Wonderful city, orchestra, conductors Arnold Kats and after Gintaras Rinkevicius did not have a hall with acoustics. It was a nightmare, and I'm glad it's over. Congratulations and good concerts in the new hall!»

Alexander Knyazev, 18 September 2013, Arnold Kats State Concert Hall 

«I congratulate the philharmonics — the dream came true. You finally have a hall. Beside the capital's orchestras, there are three great Russian symphony collectives who can fit the most strict context. Let me name them in alphabetic order: Ekaterinburg, Kazan and Novosibirsk symphony orchestras. The collective of Novosibirsk Philharmonics truly possesses great mastery and spiritual potential, that allow it to fill the new hall with the spirit of real music. Today, the city has a real chance to get a wonderful music hall, and I wish this chance comes true.»

Andrey Ustinov, Honoured art worker of the Russian Federation, chief editor of «The music review» newspaper 

«I had many meetings with Arnold Kats — we were friends. One of the meetings was at a similar forum in Krasnoyarsk — the orchestra took part in the All-Union plenary session of the Composers Union.
Honestly — I was afraid of the present meeting. I was afraid that after Kats the orchestra changed and lost something important, which is called – Kats’ orchestra. But when met the orchestra and listened to the rehearsals and today concert how the orchestra performs not easy music with only two rehearsals – I got convinced: I worried in vain, the orchestra is in fine creative form. The strings and the winds, and percussion, and harp player – enjoyed very much. The entire orchestra. My great thanks to the orchestra. And I want to say that our concert — «Panorama of music of Russian composers» is a gift, our tribute to Arnold Kats, a unique musician who has created such a wonderful orchestra.» 

Vladislav Kazenin, 
Chairman of the Union of Russian Composers 
Novosibirsk, Russia, December 2012 

«Dmitry Alekseev, pianist, beloved by St.Petersbourg public, now professor of the Royal Academy of Music in London performed as a soloist in the both programs brought by guests. Piano concert by Shuman was interpreted by him as an inspired lyric poem. He led with confidence, allowing himself capricious changes of tempos, secret sound pauses. But Maestro Kats and the members of the orchestra responded all his intentions gladly and keenly. At the second half Carmen-Suite by Bizet-Schedrin was presented, composition for orchestra, responsible, virtuous and dramatic. Its performance could be called perfect.» 

«Nevskoe Vremja», St.Petersburg 

«Returning to the concert in Novosibirsk, it should be noticed that the symphonic orchestra and Arnold Kats has demonstrated one more time the highest performing level, has pleased music amateurs by meeting new music as well as very famous and beloved.»

«New Siberia», Novosibirsk 

«The Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra orchestra realized a short raid into the capitals: only one evening in S.Petersburg and one in Moscow. Played well, even very well. In spite of the fact that the conductors gesticulation of Arnold Kats (almost half of a century ago he created this orchestra) hardly could be called otherwise than poor. The orchestra performed Carmen-suite by Bizet-Chedrin and Bolero by Ravel (this one was especially brilliant, to my mind).»

Siberians will teach us exactness, Leonid Gvozdev, 
«Moscovskaja Pravda» (Moscow.) 13.02.2004 

«Why do the Novosibirsk musicians play so well? Do they simply like music or their conductor is extremely good? Both. Russian performers (and listeners!) never accept music as amusement, as an attribute of comfort. It is their life necessity as air and food. Concerning the conductor Arnold Kats, his destiny of initiator of symphony culture in the East of the country became already a legend. About half of century ago he created this orchestra and has been leading it permanently to the perfection. Now, entered the period of the highest wisdom, he is concentrated and restrained in gestures as never before, rising in memory the image of great maestro Evgeny Stravinsky regnant at the St.Petersburg stage during half of century. The conducting manner of Kats impressed especially in Bolero by Ravel: among tempestuous sound elements he stood imperturbable and majestic and only his sharp stare, finger movement showed that internal tension that he was full of.»

Siberians midday passion, Michail Bjalik, 
«Nevskoe Vremja», 14.02.2004

«The Orchestra where several generations has changed for almost half of century and where the students of the Novosibirsk State Conservatoire play today keeps solicitously the traditions of their predecessors, one of them is — can listen to and hear each other. From here a very organic sound group balance, where no stitch is noticed. Grown wise with experience and artistic searches Arnold Kats is avaricious and exact in gestures, so each is inspired with power energy, but supple and handsome at the same moment. Musicians answer them with the reaches of dynamic nuances rendered by the score of Bizet-Chedrin. Tragic pathos of violas and cellos, love impulse of violins, virtuous dramatic character of percussions, passionate splashes of tutti keep the audience in tension from the first to the last melting sound, not letting relax for a minute.»

Non Capital Grand, Evgeny Epstein, 
«Culture», N8, 26.02.2004 

«The oldest collective of the country presented native symphonic culture on this prestigious forum in a triumphal way (Festival of World symphonic orchestras, Column hall, Moscow, June 2006). Novosibirsk musicians’ performance was not simply excelled them: for example a phenomenal sounding of the string group reminded the best years of the State Orchestra with Svetlanov. Brass musicians were also up to the mark.»

Evgenia Krivitskaya, 
«Culture», July 2006 

The festival «Stars on Baikal», Irkutsk, 6 – 8 September 2010

«The orchestra plays very well. These traditions were put by Arnold Mikhailovitch Kats».

V. Spivakov 

«Fantastic, high-quality orchestra! A very good friend of mine Arnold Kats created it. Gintaras Rinkevicius continues his business». «The orchestra is spectacular! You created an indelible impression on me! I think you will come to our festival once again. And your conductor – is high in all senses!»

D. Matsuev 

«Not every conductor knows the music and feels the soloist like you, Gintaras. Not every conductor makes it so, as the soloist needs in any place of the score, like you did».

S. Krylov 

«You are a high-quality orchestra! The famous European agencies know about you. As for the conductor – believe me, I played with many different conductors, with very famous. But G. Rinkevicius is one of those not many, who knows and understands the music so deeply, who builds the form of the composition so well».

A. Knyazev

Festival «Crescendo», Tyumen, 29 September – 1 October 2010

«Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra realized a double voyage – to Irkutsk for the Festival “Stars on Baikal” and to Tyumen for the Festival “Crescendo”. We are amazed – such a guarantee of quality… Traditions, founded by Arnold Kats are safe. I have played with your orchestra many times. And now I got added evidence that your orchestra deserves more – grants like capital orchestras, and Concert hall.
Even Vladimir Putin answering the statement by M. Shvidkoy that there are no in Russia provincial orchestras in a good sense said: “Why so? And Novosibirsk orchestra?”
I promise that I will tell about orchestra everywhere. You are a great orchestra. And Gintaras Rinkevicius is a real professional of his job, modest, intelligent person. The concerts in Irkutsk under his direction were brilliant.»



«Triumph of the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra and the wonderful violinist Dmitry Sitkovetsky at the Classical Music Festival» «Undisputable! Nobody can compare with the great Russian orchestras performing their music! During the second night of the International Classical Music Festival philharmonic orchestra from Novosibirsk proved it without doubt, and conductor Arnold Kats equalled Mravinsky, Rozhdestvensky, Svetlanov, with a little bit more of what we call energy — boundless, mixing together the masterly controlled tension, inspiration, limitless fantasy. «Feeling cold? We? Never!» It looks like this was the message from a hundred Siberian musicians, headed by their conductor; excellent strings, woodwinds, wooden, percussions; everything perfected; meaningful and valuable timbres. It was a sheer delight to watch the wonderful «Novosiberians», sleneder and elegant like top models, side by side with their masculine excellent partners.»


«After a cosmic presentation of the symphonic poem «Death and Revelation» by Richard Strauss, superstar Tchaikovsky made his entry. Together with violinist Dmitry Sitkovetsky. Discovery — right! — raised in the searle and, at the same time, pure product of the great Russian and the great … American schools, the son of the famous pianist Bella Davydovich and excellent violinist Sitkovetsky — a true virtuoso.»

«The 4th is beyond rules» 

«Tchaikovsky is alive! Safe and sound!» — Here's the big news. The 4th symphony, probably the best, performed beyond any rules was the climax of this sound feast as presented by Arnold Kats and his musicians. Flashing, charming canzona with its Russian poetry and hot and nice-as-hell «allegro con fuoco» found the audience in sheer delight. Storm of applause and hot encore — an excerpt from Shostakovich's 10th as appreciation of art and instead of saying goodbye — why don't we go to Novosibirsk?»

«Nis-Matin», Cannes 


«More than 40 years A.Kats has been leading the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra, very long period, two or three generation played under the direction of the same Maestro…During this tour the Novosibirsk musicians confirmed their high level and the fact that Maestro Kats held the orchestra in his hands.»

«Stuttgarter Zeitung» 

«Outstanding playing of the Orchestra under the direction of conductor-virtuous Arnold Kats were rewarded by the audience by interminable applause.
Even a hundred years ago Novosibirsk was an ordinary siberian village. And for this time the one-and-a-half million city became the economical and cultural center of Russia and its Asian part. And it has a great symphonic orchestra.
In 1956 the pedagogue and conductor Arnold Kats was charged with creation in the siberian capital such an orchestra where he would take the graduates from the largest conservatoires of the country. So, since hat moment the orchestra created by this principle has the traits of Maestro Kats' personality. Everything is worked thinly and thoroughly, and the grey-haired Maestro is still charming as always.»

«Neu Ulmer Zeitung» 

«…Musicians from Novosibirsk, already known here, confirmed aga in their remarkable mastery by the brilliant performance of The Pathetic Symphony by Beethoven…»

«Stuttgart Nachrichten» 

«…The Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra impressed much the audience by its technically perfect, well controlled and deeply emotional performing. The success was undoubtedly thanks to exactly determined conductor's line. There was neither tragedy done for effect, nor super fluous power of sounding, but the noble restraint…»

«Nurnberger Zeitung» 

«…Philharmonic Orchestra from Novosibirsk under the direction of Voldemar Nelson at the Festival Pro Musica in Nurnberg: enthusiastic accept, «bravo» exclamations.
During the musical festival «Festival des Horens» in 1990 in Erlangen they took the sympathies by the revolutionary masterpieces of the new music of XX century, this time they offered classical standard program: Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky. Novosibirsk musicians under the direction of V.Nelson managed to break the unwillingness of the public to listen to played too much pieces not thanks to its perfect technique of playing only, but by unexpected interpretation.»


«I, certainly, knew that the orchestra from Novosibirsk was very good. And today I am in Novosibirsk and I conduct it. My hopes were justified thousand times! You have such a great orchestra, that the entire world should hear you.»

Justus Frantz, Germany, May 2011 

«For the first time I played solo with the orchestra in 1974, with genius Arnold Kats, I performed instead of Nelly Shkolnikova who got ill. Then the life connected me with Novosibirsk for long years … And here today after a long break I play in Novosibirsk again… The orchestra in great form!»

Zakhar Bron, Germany, May 2011 

The splendor of the Russian musical culture Novosibirsk Philharmonic orchestra at the concert in Aachen.

With “two war horses” of the rich Russian music history and literature, Novosibirsk philharmonic orchestra opened its concert in an overcrowded Aachen Eurogress venue: concert for piano and orchestra № 2 by Sergey Prokofiev and Symphony № 6 by Tchaikovsky “Pathetique”, which formed a rally attractive program, that was supplemented by the bright ouverture of M. Glinka to the opera “Ruslan and Lyudmila”

 Headed by Thomas Sanderling, a famous conductor and accompanied by the pianist Valentina Lisitsa, this concert can be considered as an outstanding experience. The splendor of the Russian orchestra culture was revealed at the very beginning with Glinka’s ouverture. The audience welcomed Novosibirsk orchestra with great enthusiasm. Its high quality was obvious from the first measure.”
Von Gert Holtmeyer, Germany, Aachen, 4 March 2016, Eurogress venue.


«…The best were the impressions from the performance of the one of the most well known ensembles in Russia — Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra.
Famous compositions by Tchaikovsky including the Symphony № 6 and the Serenade for string orchestra were performed at the program (24 ноября 2005 г., Great Hall of the St.Petersbourg Philharmonic Society). The program was rich and difficult but the orchestra showed the highest performing technique and the audience appreciated it very much applauding great maestro.»

Journal Ongaku No Tomo, 01,2006, Japan, S.Higashi

About the recording of the anthology (3 CDs) of Taneev’s compositions by Naxos company

«Thomas Sanderling gets exactly to the nerve of these scores, and the orchestra plays with a rare beautiful sound of strings and brightness of brass.»

«Fono Forum», August 2010 

«One of the best ensembles of today’s Russia is in the hands of T.Sanderling. Strong, but not rough clear brass. Sanderling doesn’t force music, but gives it a chance to come out. Culminations as if are maturing from inside. And the orchestra plays perfectly.»

«Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung», June 2010 

Tatyana Shindina,
Editor -compiler


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