Филармонический камерный оркестр
Джулиано Карминьола, скрипка (Италия)
16 March, 19:00

Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra

Conductor and soloist – Giuliano Carmignola, violin (Italy)

Arnold Kats State Concert Hall
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During the festival, Trans-Siberian Art Festival 2018

To the 80th anniversary of Novosibirsk region
Vivaldi. «Grosso Mogul»
«Four seasons»
Antonio Vivaldi. Symphony in C, RV 111
Violin Concerto in D, RV 232
Violin Concerto in E Minor, RV 281
Violin Concertos No 1-4, Op. 8, “The Four Seasons”

A unique violin player and conductor, researcher and apologist of authentic performance Giuliano Carmignola will present a mono-program consisting of compositions of the great compatriot: thanks to Carmigniola the compositions of Vivaldi became an essential part of repertoirs of the leading artists and became popular. In the final of the concert you will hear the full collection of the popular "Four seasons".

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