«In memory of a great artist»

Клара-Джуми Кан
Миша Майский
Константин Лифшиц
Андрей Гридчук
23 April, 17:00

Vadim Repin, violin

Misha Maisky, cello (Israel)

Boris Berezovsky, piano (Moscow)

Andrei Gridchuk, viola (Germany)

During the festival, Trans-Siberian Art Festival 2018

To the 100-th anniversary of Yehudi Menuhin Tchaikovsky, Brahms

To take part in a concert dedicated to the greatest violinist of the last century Vadim Repin invited the best musicians of the presence – pianist Boris Berezovsky and cellist Misha Maisky. Tchaikovsky trio will let you know the composer in a new way – deep intimate expression without any pomposity. Violinist Clara-Jumi Kang and violist Andrei Gridchuk will take part in performing Brahms’s First Quartet – one of the pearls of chamber music.

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