Here we go again! Concert-opening

Аманда Форсайт
Пиетари Инкинен
Пинхас Цукерман
9 April, 17:00

Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra

Pinchas Zukerman, violin (Israel)

Amanda Forsyth, cello (Canada)

Conductor – Pinchas Zukerman (Israel), Pietari Inkinen (Finland)

During the festival, Trans-Siberian Art Festival 2018

Mozart, Vivaldi, Saint-Saens, Brahms

Due to kind tradition Trans-Siberian Art Festival starts with the largest world stars. Pinchas Zukerman, one of the best world’s violinists, will perform the compositions by Mozart, Vivaldi and Saint-Saens. He will be accompanied by beautiful cellist Amanda Forsyth. The first evening of the festival will be completed with the monumental Brahms’ Symphony № 1, which will open to the audience the talent of Zukerman-conductor.

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