Word premier. Golden trumpets

Сергей Накаряков, флюгельгорн
Аркадий Шилклопер, валторна
Отто Заутер, труба (Германия)
Андрей Илькив, труба (Украина)
Элиас Файнгерш, тромбон (Швеция)
Мария Меерович, фортепиано
Дирижер – Владимир Ланде
25 March, 19:00

Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra

Sergey Nakariakov, flugelhorn

Arcady Shilkloper, horn

Vadim Repin, violin

Otto Sauter, trumpet (Germany)

Andrey Ilkiv, trumpet (Ukraine)

Elias Faingersh, Trombone (Sweden)

Maria Meerovich, piano

Conductor – Vladimir Lande

Arnold Kats State Concert Hall
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During the festival, Trans-Siberian Art Festival 2018

To the 80th anniversary of Novosibirsk region
Enjott Schneider. “Dreamdancers”, Concerto for Piccolo Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Orchestra (World Premiere)
Claude Bolling. Three Movements from Toot Suite
Luigi Otto. Trumpet Concerto in E-flat
Robert Schumann. Three Fantasy Pieces, Op. 73
Johannes Brahms. Horn Trio in E-flat, Op. 40
Shilkloper–Faingersh. “Dialogues without Limits”, free improvisation

This evening will bring together a brilliant constellation of leading performers on brass instruments! Sergei Nakaryakov, no doubt, the most famous trumpeter in the world, will show the different sides of his favorite instrument - Flugelhorn. And Otto Sauter, masterfully owning a piccolo pipe, was listened before us with pleasure by the Pope, Prince Charles, Bobby McFerrin and ... football fans during the World Cup in Germany. Andrey Ilkiv will play on the "ordinary" pipe, but no less bright and dizzying. And the "golden trombone of Europe" Elias Faingersh is responsible for the low register. His instrument will sound both solo and, thanks to electronics, as a whole orchestra. Together with Arkadiy Shilkloper, one of the best horn players in the world and performers of jazz on the Alpine horn, they will perform at the end of the evening with an author's improvisational program. The music of this evening includes rarely performed masterpieces of the XVIII-XXI centuries, and the main surprise, of course, is the world premiere of the double concert of the German composer Enjott Schneider "Dreamdancers", dedicated to Sergei Nakaryakov and Otto Sauter.

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