Ice and flames

Пабло Феррандес, виолончель (Испания)
Дирижер – Андрис Пога (Латвия)
24 March, 19:00

Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra

Pablo Ferrandes, cello (Spain)

Conductor – Andris Poga (Latvia)

During the festival, Trans-Siberian Art Festival 2018

To the 80th anniversary of Novosibirsk region
Hector Berlioz. Roman Carnival Overture, Op. 9
Antonín Dvořák. Cello Concerto in B Minor, Op. 104
Dmitri Shostakovich. Symphony No. 15 in A, Op. 141

The international rise of the Latvian conductor Andris Poga took place in 2014, when he had to replace both Lorin Maazel and Valery Gergiev simultaneously in the Far Eastern tour of the Munich Philharmonic. A year earlier, he literally bewitched the audience in Paris, when at the last minute he had to rescue Georges Pretr and Mikko Frank. Since then, Andris Poga is loved, as one of the most interesting and rapidly gained momentum of modern conductors. In addition, he is the world’s only winner of the First Prize. Of the Competition named after E. Svetlanov.

Cellist Pablo Ferrandes, on the other hand, got into focus when he won a prize at the last competition named after P.I. Tchaikovsky in Moscow in 2015. On the question of the competitive questionnaire, for whom he plays, Pablo replied: "Most of all I appreciate the "conversation" with the public ... and if this contact is mutual, then both will enjoy the moment. To such moments we, musicians, dedicate our creative life". So, on the stage there will be the brightest representatives of the North and the South. In the program there is music of Berlioz, Dvorak, Shostakovich!

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