Moscow Ensemble of Contemporary Music

4 March, 19:00

Moscow Ensemble of Contemporary Music:

Ivan Bushuev, flute

Oleg Tantsov, clarinet

Michail Dubov, piano

Evgeny Subbotin,violin

Ilya Rubinstein, cello

Russian musical avant-guard  and Moscow three 

Roslavets. Nocturne
Polovinkin. "Two incidents", transcription for the ensemble
Vyshnegradsky. “Etude on the Magic Square”, transcription for ensemble
Prokofiev. Three pieces from the ballet “Steel Trot”, transcription for ensemble
Gubaidulina. “Zigzags, Dots, Lines”, for bass clarinet and piano
Schnittke. «Dedication to Stravinsky, Prokofiev and Shostakovich”, transcription for ensemble 
Denisov. “DSCH” for clarinet, piano, violin and cello
Shostakovich. Three pieces from the opera “Nose”, transcription for ensemble

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