Season ticket №16

по воскресеньям в 16:00
"Portraits of Composers"
7 concerts
We are already old friends with this season ticket. For more than 20 years "Portraits of Composers" makes us happy with its programs! It is comfortable and special, young people and adult music lovers go to its concerts. Each program is devoted to the work of one composer. His works are presented by different soloists and musical ensembles.

Past concerts

6 December, 16:00
Music of the Strauss family Season ticket №16
Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor - Vladimir Sapozhnikov
Author and presenter –

22 November, 16:00
Tchaikovsky Season ticket №16
Filarmonica–Quartet Dmitry Karpov, piano
Olesya Zhuravkina, mezzo–soprano
Pavel Dashkin, cello
Pavel Dashkin, cello
Vladimir Ognev, bass
Tatyana Shevchenko, piano

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