Trans-Siberian TONALi-Tour’2019 in Russia began its work: an introductory seminar on art management in Novosibirsk Philharmonic

5 february 2019, 02:00

On February 4 a seminar on art management was held in the Musical Saloon of the Philharmonic Chamber Hall for Novosibirsk high school students who take part in the Trans-Siberian TONALi-Tour in 2019. The event was attended by schoolchildren from the Educational Center "Gornostay", gymnasium № 11 "Harmony" and school № 90.

The curator of Trans-Siberian TONALi-Tour in Russia Sergey Novikov told the audience about the project, its goals, noted the significant moments of art management. Pupils of schools in the framework of Trans-Siberian TONALi-Tour have a unique opportunity to prove themselves as art managers: they organize performances of young winners of the German TONALi competition. Thus, young people are immersed in the fascinating atmosphere behind the scenes of an academic concert, and classical music and, more broadly, culture, ceases to be “alien territory” for them. This year the results of the Trans-Siberian TONALi-Tour will be presented in Novosibirsk on March 29 at concert venues in schools, and on March 30 on Novosibirsk Philharmonic stage.

In the framework of the seminar Sergey Novikov presented to the audience video addresses from the winners of the TONALi contest: Artur Rusanovsky (violin), Ivan Scanavi (cello) and Daniel Golod (piano). It is their performances to be organized by schoolchildren – start a communication with artists, jointly choose a concert program, plan a PR campaign and invite the audience to the concert. High school students and their teachers actively participated in the discussion of the work of Trans-Siberian TONALi-Tour project, put forward proposals and shared their ideas.

“Culture is the environment in which you live and in which you will live,” said Sergey Novikov. As part of the Trans-Siberian TONALi-Tour students will have the opportunity to independently shape this environment.


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