The monoprogram of the unique Vivaldi’s compositions was performed by the violinist and conductor Giuliano Carmignola at the Trans-Siberian Art Festival

17 march 2017, 12:15
On 16th of March in Novosibirsk Philharmonic with a full house was performed the second concert in the framework of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival. Giuliano Carmignola together with Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra presented the music program of his great compatriot Antonio Vivaldi. The hall thanked the musicians with multiple standing ovations, renewed after each encore.

Giuliano Carmignola - a unique violinist and conductor, researcher and apologist for authentic performing with world fame performed at Arnold Kats State Concert Hall on March 16th in the framework of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival. The Italian musician performed the program "Vivaldissimo" together with Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra of Novosibirsk and harpsichordist Anna Nedospasova, where both Vivaldi's not-so-known compositions and the legendary "Seasons" were sounded.

“A few years ago I was in New York, and listened as Carmignola performed Vivaldi program, he left me shocked. I invited him for three years and I am confident that our string players have never seen anything like this before - said Repin. - Authentic Vivaldi's performing always causes a lot of questions, to find the truth is hard as well, you can’t have a look at how it truly was. And here it is important the impression, that might be so convincing that you just throw up your hands and takes off your hat. I am particularly happy that he has found the date and gave a concert with our Chamber Orchestra, which I also love”. 

These days Vivaldi's music is played by leading artists, and Giuliano Carmignola played a major role in it gaining its fame.

"Vivaldi's popularity is that his music is genius. On hearing we only have a few concerts of the composer, but he has about 250 violin concerts. I'm in an endless among this music, I want to record three more CDs, which would include 40-50 more great concerts", says Giuliano Carmignola. - Finally, in my busy schedule, I found a free place to accept Vadim Repin's invitation and come to Siberia to the Trans-Siberian Art Festival. Here I got acquainted with the amazing chamber orchestra with which I wanted to work more - these are open-minded musicians, they easily adapt to any style of the play".

In Novosibirsk, a part of Vivaldi's great legacy sounded, not known to the general public – Symphony in C Major; Concerto for violin, strings and basso-continuo in D major; Concerto for violin, strings and basso-continuo in E minor. The program was finished by the performance of “The Seasons” and the big encore.

Authentic or historically oriented performance arose in the 20th century. At the heart of this movement is interest in ancient music and the desire to recreate the authentic, characteristic for its era, sound. Authenticists are not just performers, they are real music scientists. After all, without knowledge of what were the design features of the instruments at one time or another, how it affected the sound and manner of playing them, what were the pace and the strokes, the composition of the orchestra - without this knowledge it is impossible to claim the authenticity of the performance.

The Festival is supported by: official sponsor of Trans-Siberian Art Festival Joint Stock Company "Russian Railways" (JSCo "RZD"), Sponsor of Trans-Siberian Art Festival SIBUR Holding, general partner of Philharmonic – VTB24 and partner of the Philharmonic Public Company Moscow Exchange.  

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