On 1st November a press conference with the participation of Vadim Repin, Oleg Bely, Minister of Culture of Novosibirsk Region Igor Reshetnikov and the leaders of Novosibirsk Philharmonic Society took place at Arnold Kats State Concert Hall.
On October 21 Novosibirsk Philharmonic Society will host the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra and its renowned conductor Pavel Kogan.
On May 20, at the round stage of Arnold Kats State Concert Hall, the evening jam session completed the program of the XI International Student Jazz Festival.
On 13th of April Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra completed its part in V International Trans-Siberian Art Festival with the concert in the 64th subscription of Mariinsky Theater.
The program included: an introduction to Richard Wagner's "The Master-Singers of Nuremberg ", a concerto for cello and orchestra in A minor by Robert Schumann and Symphony No. 2 in E minor by Sergei Rachmaninov.
Today, April 2nd, at Arnold Kats State Concert Hall, the world premiere of Sofia Gubaidulina's "Dialogue: I and You" will be performed by Vadim Repin and Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Andres Mustonen. The performance will be the culmination and at the same time the completion of the main program of the V Trans-Siberian Art Festival in Novosibirsk. The world premiere will be attended by its author, one of the largest living composers of nowadays. Also this evening will sound Gubaidulina's composition "The Horseman on a White Horse", "Unfinished Symphony" by Schubert and Piano Concerto by Schumann, soloist is Yukio Yokoyama.
Today, March 30, in Arnold Kats State Concert Hall in Novosibirsk, the Mass in B minor by Johann Sebastian Bach will sound, followed by the title "The Great Mass." The monumental score, crowning the creative path of one of the greatest composers in the history of mankind, will be performed under the baton of the conductor Ilia Krol (Austria) performed by soprano Marie-Sophie Pollak (Germany), mezzo-soprano Catriona Morison (Great Britain), tenor Jan Petryka (Poland) bass Yasushi Hirano (Japan), Novosibirsk Choir Chapel and Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra. The organ will be performed by Jeremy Joseph (South Africa), wind instrument parties - Austrian musicians Hermann Ebner (horn), Sebastian Frese and Josef Bednarik (oboe).
Today, on March 29, the Trans-Siberian Art Festival will present to the public an exclusive project "Made in Siberia": musicians will appear on the stage, the fate of most of whom is connected with Novosibirsk; the program will include the world premiere of the Concerto for Violin and Orchestra created by the Siberian composer Andrey Molchanov. On April 4, the project "Made in Siberia" will be presented by the festival in Krasnoyarsk and will include the world premiere of the "Concert for the Chef and Orchestra", created by the Krasnoyarsk composer Mikhail Krutik.
Today in Novosibirsk in the program of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival will sound the concert In memoriam, dedicated to the memory of those died in the fire in Kemerovo. Stars of the world performing arts and Novosibirsk musicians will present a special program, which will include works of the appropriate theme and character. All funds from the concert will be sent to the victims and their families.


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