Белый фестиваль

15–17 August 2017

The Color White – is purity and bright, this is a feeling of joy, lightness, enthusiasm. The color of a clean canvas, a wedding dress, this is the color of a smile and a good mood, a color that contains all the colors of the rainbow.

A few years ago Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra held a concert where listeners, artists and even the conductor were in white. White summer holiday! In the following year already it turned into a "White Festival", which was gladly joined by other collectives of Philharmonic Society. It's so nice that beautiful ideas become traditional.

Theater’s … sorry, the August pause of Novosibirsk Philharmonic lingered for a fortnight. It's no secret that the introduction after a long silence is always especially welcome, moreover since it's not someone who will break it, but Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra. A special charm to this introduction is given by an inimitable atmosphere, when the public is in white, the artists are too, and Maestro is whiter than ever! This is the dress code of the "White Festival". In other words, to fill your August with music, it's enough to change into white.

Are you fond of classics? Or maybe, of a romance? And even if you are a fan of jazz, the "White Festival" will pick up the key to everyone. Its programs were written very thoroughly. 

12+ 10 August, 18:00 White premieres White Festival Kancheli. «Night Prayers» for saxophone and string orchestra (world premiere) Evgeny Novikov, saxophone (France) Conductor – Alim Shakhmametyev Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Arnold Kats State Concert Hall 300-700 р. Buy ticket
12+ 9 August, 19:00 Black & White White Festival W.A. Mozart, I.S. Bach, G. Bizet, Bizet – Shchedrin, M. Glinka, P. Tchaikovsky, A. Rubinstein, S. Rachmaninov
overtures, arias, fragments from operas, passions, suites, romances
Veronika Tokareva, mezzo-soprano (Sain-Petersburg-Moscow)
Sergey Maidanov, baritone (Kislovodsk)
Conductor – Alim Shakhmametyev
Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Philharmonic Chamber hall 250-500 р. Buy ticket
12+ 8 August, 19:00 White stars White Festival I.S. Bach. Goldberg Variations, BWV 988  arrangement for string orchestra (fragments)
W.A. Mozart. Piano Concerto No. 13 in C Major, K. 415
L. Beethoven. Quartet No. № 11, op. 95, arrangements by G. Mahler
W.A. Mozart. Piano Concerto No. 14 in E flat Major, K. 449

Alexander Knyazev, piano (Moscow)

Conductor – Alim Shakhmametyev 
Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Philharmonic Chamber hall 250-500 р. Buy ticket
12+ 19 August, 18:00 Between classic and jazz White Festival Glinka. Three dances from the opera "Life for the Tsar"
Beethoven. Variations on a theme from the ballet "The Creations of Prometheus"
Borodin - Maslov. Fantasy on the theme "Fly away on the wings of the wind" from the opera "Prince Igor"
Tchaikovsky - Maslov. Fantasy on themes from the opera "Eugene Onegin",
Jazz Suite "The Nutcracker"
Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Alexander Maslov jazz trio (St. Petersburg):
Alexander Maslov, piano, arrangements
Pavel Chizhik, vibraphone
Ivan Myasnikov, double-bass
Philharmonic Chamber hall 350–850 р. Buy ticket
12+ 18 August, 18:00 Mediterranean cruise White Festival Russian poets of the XIX-XX centuries. Nikolai Gumilev, Anna Akhmatova, Mikhail Kuzmin, Sasha Cherny will enter into a dialogue with the music by Vivaldi, Boccherini, Ravel, Albeniz and Manuel de Falla. Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Philharmonic Chamber hall 350–650 р. Buy ticket
12+ 17 August, 19:00 Coffee story White Festival Bach. Coffee cantata, BWV 211
Handel. Concerto for harpsicord № 6, G-minor, op. 12
Podgaits. «Pendulum of time», 6 poems for chamber orchestra and conductor
Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Ensemble «Markell’s Voices» Philharmonic Chamber hall 350–650 р. Buy ticket
12+ 13 August, 18:00 Viva,Madrid! White Festival Arias and duets from Spanish zarzuelas Ekaterina Titova, soprano
Anton Grinkin, tenor
Andrey Gladkov, bariton
Aleksey Grebenkin, piano
School of Spanish Dance «FlamenkoPURO»
Presenter - Elena Samarina
Philharmonic Chamber hall 300 р. Buy ticket
14 August
On August the 8th a long-awaited White Festival will be opened at Novosibirsk Philharmponic. For five years the festival has found its traditions. The results of its dynamic development can already be noted, in particular, cross-cultural ties, vividly presented this year.

A press conference dedicated to the start of the White Festival was held today in the Philharmonic Chamber Hall. The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Culture of the Novosibirsk Region Evgeny Sazonov, Director General of Novosibirsk Philharmonic Society Beibit Mukhamedin, artistic director and chief conductor of Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Alim Shakhmametyev, Alexander Knyazev (piano), Evgeny Novikov (saxophone), Director of the Confucius Institute of NSTU from Russia Igor Khripunov and designer E Shufan (China).


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