Concerts series

25 december – 7 january
New Year's performances for children
Novosibirsk Philharmonic prepares the series of concerts for its little listeners. Kids of all ages will find a fascinating journey, and their guides to the mysterious world of music will become their favorite fairy-tale characters, and of course, Father Frost and Snow Maiden
66 concerts
Beginning of the concerts at 18:30
Chamber Evenings: poetry of strings
Music and poetry evenings
Artistic Director
Valeriy Karchagin, People's artist of Russian Federation
Artistic word – Marina Yakushevich
3 concerts
Beginning of the concerts at 18:30
Salon Evenings
Series of concerts of chamber music with participation of the philharmonic soloists
12 concerts
on Sundays, Beginning at 16:00
In expectation of wonder
Concerts for future mothers

The most gentle and touching project of Novosibirsk Philharmonic - cycle of concerts for future mothers "In expectation of wonder". Not being born yet the baby can already touch the great creative power of art.
3 concerts
on Thursdays, Beginning at 11:00
Mother's club or the First steps
Meeting musical instruments
Concerts for children from birth to 3 years old and their parents
18 concerts
on Saturdays, Beginning at 12:00
Playing classics
Series of concerts for primary school pupils
9 concerts
on Wednesdays, Beginning at 15:00
Daily public concerts
Popular classic
4 concerts
on Thursdays, Beginning at 15:00
Daily public concerts
Popular chamber music
3 concerts
11 сентября – 21 ноября 2018
«Пять лет ГКЗ им. А.М. Каца»
Более 70 лет Новосибирская филармония мечтала о большом концертном зале, грезил о нём наш симфонический оркестр, о необходимости его строительства всё время говорил Арнольд Кац, мечтал о таком зале и наш город.
5 concerts
Начало в 18.00
Парад оркестров
Знакомство с оркестрами
5 concerts
13 июня – 14 августа 2018
Outdoor concerts
The concerts at the open space in Chamber Hall's Quiet Yard (House of Lenin) will be held in a free format: if desired, you can not only listen to music, but also dance.
13 concerts
On Fridays, Beginning at 21:00
Concerts for "night owls"
Artistic director Honoured artist of Russia Arkady Bourkhanov
5 concerts


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